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Adobe launches new Acrobat X

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With Acrobat X, you can easily combine multiple file types into an organised PDF Portfolio to create high-impact, polished communications, plus:

  • Capture and track data with fillable forms
  • Work with others more effectively
  • Enhance productivity every day
  • Take advantage of services at Acrobat.com

    Discover Acrobat Dynamic PDF
    Dynamic PDF is a simpler, better way to connect people, ideas and information. Share work across file formats, platforms and devices around the world. Integrate rich media to interact and engage in entirely new ways.

    Get more done - easier, faster and better
    Dynamic PDF makes every workday more productive. Quickly create PDF files from any application that prints. Scan and convert paper documents into searchable electronic files. Create, distribute and manage fillable forms using intuitive tools. Automate multistep tasks.

    Work together more effectively
    With Dynamic PDF, colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers can work better together. Using Acrobat X, they can easily manage shared reviews and aggregate team feedback. And they can also enable anyone with free Adobe Reader® software to join the review process.

    Create high-impact, engaging communications
    Now you can capture the attention of an audience with polished, professional materials and presentations. Create, combine and organise a wide variety of content into a customised PDF Portfolio. Apply new layouts, visual themes and colour palettes to make work stand out.