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New limited edition Parallels Desktop® 6 for Mac

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"Run Windows applications on a Mac without rebooting?"

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac is simply the faster, smarter and more powerful way to run Windows applications on a Mac - without rebooting. And now it comes on a 4GB SD card that you can re-use once you've installed the software!

  • Limited edition Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac available while stocks last
  • Ideal for latest iMacs and MacBook Pros and their built-in SD card slot
  • SD card delivery is perfect for MacBook Air (no CD/DVD drive)

    Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac
    It's Your Choice
    Just because you need to work with PC programs doesn't mean you have to do it on a PC. Parallels, the company that originally gave users the flexibility to work any way they want, introduces Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac, the most talked-about, award-winning way to seamlessly run Windows applications on a Mac.

    Windows on Mac, Smarter
    Run Windows programs seamlessly side-by-side with Mac applications; the possibilities are endless when you can drag-and-drop, and copy-and-paste between Windows and Mac, and use Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts in Windows applications. Now, it is simple to view and control Windows programs in Exposé and Spaces or launch the Windows Start menu right from the Dock.

    It's a Big Deal
    Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac scores big with additions and enhancements that cover everything from enhanced 3D graphics to the smaller details, like making sure that you can enjoy full access and control of your Windows applications from wherever you are with the all new Parallels Mobile app for iPhone/iPad. With over 80 new and improved features, including speed 40% above previous versions, it?s never been simpler to run Windows applications on a Mac.