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Adobe announces Adobe Elements 10

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Adobe's flagship enthusiast products - Adobe Photoshop® Elements 10 and Adobe Premiere® Elements 10 have been announced.

The Elements family of products starts at just £79.99 SRP and has been developed with users in mind who:
  • Are family memory keepers
  • Use multiple capture devices to take photos and videos
  • Want their photos and videos to look their best with easy-to-use editing options
  • Want to easily organise and manage a growing collection of photos and videos
  • Value ease of use, balanced with power
  • Love to tell their story and get a 'WOW! How did you do that?' reaction

    "Adobe goes from strength to strength with its Photoshop Elements software, but the Smart Tags feature is the real star of the show." Michael Brown, What Laptop

    "Adobe Premiere Elements brings a class of Professionalism home to movie making and pulls of the delicate balancing act of being affordable." Matthew Hansen, PC Plus