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CU's Movember Muchachos raise over 2,500

Visit us at a number of shows throughout the year, including:

CU has once again decided to stand united with other brave companies around the world in its commitment to fine moustachery and to changing the face of men's health.

Movember has a very serious side to it in the form of raising awareness for men's health, but it also involves lot of fun and is a great way to bring colleagues from different parts of the business together to share in the experience of growing a Mo; whether it be mighty trucker Mo, a ginger Mo, a handlebar Mo or a lame Mo...

This year we have no fewer than 22 brave souls - including 5 last-minute additions - ready to take on the fight for men's health. They are:

- Tony Scully (Captain)
- Phil Sewell
- Alex Georgalla
- Alan Clarke
- Paul Johnson
- Sanjay Mistry
- Sam Townsend
- Marco Caamano
- Jason Rouse
- Pawel Kowalski
- Vincenzo Di Bella
- Martyn Horne
- Alistair Law
- Dave Flora
- Sunil Jina
- Simon Grimmitt
- Cliff Steele
- Gino Carbosiero
- Christian Bucolo
- Vincent Parker
- Gino Carbosiero (Incipio)
- Mark Randell

Follow their progress and show your support by donating to the team here!

Some of the 22-strong CU Movember Muchachos

Some of the 22-strong CU Movember Muchachos