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New versions of Retrospect at CU

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Retrospect protects data on servers and desktop/laptop computers from hard drive and computer failure, accidental deletion, user error, theft, fire, flood, earthquakes, and other natural and unnatural disasters!

What's new in Retrospect?
  • NEW! Back up offsite to the cloud, tape or portable hard drives
  • NEW! Powerful new client that allows end-user backup and restore on demand
  • NEW! At least 50% faster backing up and restoring data
  • NEW! Fully supports Windows 8 and Mac 10 'Mountain Lion' OSs
  • NEW! Restore to different Windows hardware with dissimilar Hardware add-on

    Just how cost effective is Retrospect?
    Retrospect is easy to use, easy to deploy and VERY cost effective. Just one license covers an entire network!

    Example 1
    A 100 person advertising agency with 3 phyiscal servers, 3 virtual servers, 1 SQL server, 70 Windows PCs and 25 Macs wanting NAS and cloud backup would require:
    - 1 MultiServer backup for Windows
    - 1 SQL Server Add-On
    - 1 Open File Backup
    All for only 2,417!

    Example 2
    A 20 person Marketing department with 1 server, 20 Macs wanting Tape Library backup would require: - 1 Single Server (20 Mac Edition)
    - 1 Advanced Tape Add-On
    All for only 795!