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Connect more to a Sonos Playbar with CYP!

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CYP has revealed six tried-and-tested ways to add flexibility to the SONOS Playbar. The small, simple accessories each add extra connectivity, allowing more homes to enjoy the wireless soundbar's TV and music-boosting benefits.

Phil Davis, CYP sales and marketing director, says: "The new SONOS Playbar only has a single, optical input, but not all TVs have this digital sound connection. We also know many users will want to run extra sources into the soundbar. We offer six affordable upgrades to the standard Playbar spec. All are simple to use, and small enough to sit discreetly out of sight."

Coaxial to optical converter -for TVs and/or sources with a coaxial output, allowing them to send digital sound to the Playbar's optical input.

Analogue to Digital Audio Converter - for TVs and/or sources with traditional, analogue outputs, allowing them to send digital sound to the Playbar's optical input.

2 Way Optical Audio Switcher - plug in two sources (eg TV, Sky+ box) with a single, switchable output to the Playbar.

4 Way Optical Audio Switcher - plug in up to four sources (eg TV, Sky+ box, DVD player, games console), with a single output to the Playbar. Switch sources quickly via the included remote control.

2 Way Digital Optical Audio Splitter - handy as the Playbar doesn?t have an optical pass-through.

v1.3 HDMI Audio De-Embedder (5.1) with built in repeater - strips the audio out of an HDMI signal to send to the Playbar. Plug your source (eg Blu-ray player, Virgin box etc) into the CYP with an HDMI cable - you can then run sound via optical cable to the Playbar, with a second HDMI cable carrying the picture to your display. Ideal for where the TV doesn't pass through the audio.

All six solutions are on sale now, from a range of specialist retailers.