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Overview of Adobe's MAX Announcement

Visit us at a number of shows throughout the year, including:

New announcements from Adobe's MAX conference May 2013
  • New major releases for Creative Cloud shipping on 17th June: Next generation of creative applications - 15 new CC apps, exclusive to Creative Cloud. Integrates Behance and delivers collaboration and publishing capabilities
  • New product innovation delivered exclusively through the Creative Cloud. All future creative tools will only be available in Creative Cloud. In order to receive future releases, you must be a Creative Cloud member
  • While we have no plans for future releases for Creative Suite or other CS products, CS6 will continue to be available for purchase from participating resellers and Adobe.com. Also, Acrobat, Lightroom, and Elements will continued to be offered in perpetual versions
  • For the latest sales tools and updates, please visit: http://adobeinteractiveguide.adobe.com/

    Top reasons to move to Adobe Creative Cloud for teams
  • Next generation of creative applications - 15 new CC apps, exclusive to Creative Cloud and including enhanced collaboration, publishing, and Behance integration
  • Get the latest innovation from Adobe - all team members are on the latest version... always
  • Centralised administration of licenses through the Creative Cloud Admin Console
  • Customised deployment with Creative Cloud Packager
  • AND... for a limited time, Adobe is offering Creative Cloud for teams for only 30.17 a month (362 a year) compared to a regular price of 53.00 a month (639 a year) 30.17 Creative Cloud for teams Promotion Creative Cloud for teams will be offered to CS3+ customers at a discounted price of 30.17/month from 6th May to 31st August

  • Timeframe: May 6, 2013 to August 31, 2013
  • Offer: 362/year (requires annual commitment & upfront payment)
  • Eligible Product: Creative Cloud for teams
  • Purchasing Vehicle: VIP
  • Eligible Customers: CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 (Shrink & Licensing) and existing