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Tangle-free in-car charging - two gadgets at a time

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Already a hit in the US - where it won a CES Innovations Award back in January - the TYLT Y-Charge can power up a pair of gadgets at once. Its Y-shaped design also makes it easy to access from either the driver or front passenger seat.

The TYLT Y-Charge is perfect for long car journeys, plus caravan and motorhome holidays. Renting a car abroad? Pop the compact TYLT and cables in your case and your gadgets will never be short of power, without you having to pack a pile of international travel adapters.

Which Y-Charge?
The TYLT Y-Charge 2.1A (19.99 SRP) can simultaneously fast-charge two smartphones, cameras, portable speakers and more. It can also charge a single, more power-hungry device - such as an Apple iPad.

Want to fast-charge two tablets at once? Choose the higher-output Y-Charge 4.2A (29.99 SRP), which offers, fast, simultaneous charging of just about any USB-powered devices.

Tangle-free cables
The TYLT Y-Charge can be used with the standard charging cables that come bundled with your smartphone, tablets and other devices, or you can step up to TYLT's matching, tangle-free Syncable cables.

Syncable cables are available with a Lightning connection - for charging the latest Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods - or a Micro USB connection, which will power Android phones and tablets, plus a range of other portable devices.

The TYLT Y-Charge and Syncable cables are made from highly durable silicon, and are available in red, blue, green and black.

TYLT products are exclusively distributed in the UK, France and Spain by Computers Unlimited, and available from a range of retailers.