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Rutledge BookBook: the artisan iPad cases as unique as you are

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By popular demand, BookBook Rutledge Edition, a stunning artisan case, is now available for iPad Air and iPad mini. Each Rutledge BookBook case is a unique work of art tailored from premium, high-quality leather. Like our other BookBook models, this beauty features two hardback covers, a rigid spine and soft padded interior to keep your iPad safe and sound.

Cover to cover, this BookBook is like no other.
  • Each Rutledge Edition is a distinct work of art. Every single premium leather Rutledge case has a slightly different finish, so no two are exactly alike.
  • Small details make a big difference. This Rutledge Edition has a tiny notch at the top of the inner frame. It's there so you can swipe to access Notification Center on your iPad without the leather getting in your way.
  • It protects iPad Air and iPad mini in two ways. BookBook Rutledge has hardback covers, a rigid spine and padded interior to protect iPad. It also disguises your expensive iPad as a vintage book, keeping it out of sight.

    Twelve South re-wrote the Book on hand-crafted finished leather. How can we make every Rutledge different? We invented a new technique that allows us to apply multiple layers of colour to leather, then carefully remove selected elements to reveal a radiant tapestry of hues and patterns. Each Rutledge cover reveals a slightly different finish, highlighting the natural grain of the leather itself. That's how you get your own distinct case.

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