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Ensure your tech is ALWAYS charged with the best new travel battery packs and chargers

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New airport regulations mean you need to keep your phone, tablet and other gadgets ready to be powered up when you travel. And it's not just jetting off on holiday: who couldn't do with a battery boost at the end of an average day?

Here are 10 smarter ways to keep your phone, tablet and more full of power wherever you want to take your devices. We've also provided a guide to how much power your devices will need.

Superb power-per-
Kanex GoPower Pack

Designer charging
Just Mobile Gum++

Smarter approach to power
Incipio offGRID Smart

For true adventurers
Braven BRV-Bank

Charge all things Apple, anywhere
Twelve South PlugBug World

No cables required!
Mophie Power Reserve Lightning

The backpack that charges as you travel
TYLT Energi+ Backpack

Dual charging, executive style
Cygnett Charge Up Executive

Add both power and capacity
Mophie Space Pack

The charging 'cable' you'll never leave behind
Bluelounge Kii
From 19.99

How much power do you need?
Portable battery packs are typically rated in milliamps (mAh), with most having the capacity to recharge a smartphone several times and to top up - though rarely fully charge - a tablet. As an example, the Apple iPhone 5S takes 1570mAh to fully charge; the iPad Mini 6471mAh and the iPad Air a mighty 8820mAh. If you plan to charge a higher-drain device - such as an iPad or other tablet - your charger will also need to output at 2.4 amp; smartphones only typically require an 1 amp supply.