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Tilt it, swivel it, hang it from the ceiling!

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Flexson, specialist in accessories for SONOS, has launched a new, improved wall mount for the SONOS PLAY:1 speaker, giving users the ability to angle music exactly where they want it - even it that means firing from the ceiling.

The new Flexson mount has a unique tilting mechanism, as well as the ability to swivel left or right, so you can perfectly angle the sound. The bracket also allows you to hang the PLAY:1 upside down (as pictured above), so you can access its control buttons - which sit on top of the speaker - even when it's mounted high up. You can even mount your speaker on the ceiling.

Key Facts & Features
  • Bespoke mounting bracket, precision engineered for SONOS PLAY:1 speaker
  • New, improved design with added functionality
  • Unique tilting mechanism ? plus left or right swivel ? allows you to precision angle your speakers
  • Can also be fitted to the ceiling
  • Speaker can be inverted to enable access to controls in higher mounted positions
  • Available in black or white to match SONOS PLAY:1 colours
  • Can be bought boxed as a single bracket or in pairs
  • Quick and easy to fit and adjust

    The new mounts are perfect to make the most of the smallest SONOS speaker, in whichever room(s) you want to enjoy music and - without having to clutter up your surfaces, or having the speakers in the reach of children or pets.

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